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Sunday, May 2, 2010

DC Comicon

So since I slept through most of Free Comic Book Day I swung by the D.C. branch of Comicon this afternoon up at George Mason University. Other than getting lost on their crazy circular campus roads for a good half an hour, it was pretty cool. I picked up some old 1990 Batman issues (good thing I had a friend there to borrow money from) for a Batfan friend of mine's birthday coming up and Jo Chen was there, the lady who does the Runaways covers that make me drool. Chen was really nice, and I got a good look through of her prints, I really wish I hadn't forgotten my wallet in the car and could have bought a couple. Check out her DeviantART gallery, too, she's totally amazing. Unfortunately there was a total lack of booth babes, very disappointing. :(