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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Necron Lord

Alex got me a Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb (off the internet I think) because I was complaining about how none of the stores around here had the model with the rez orb, and I wanted to be at least mostly accurate to my army. I think it was supposed to be a 2nd late birthday present or a sorry you have to start school soon consolation gift. Either way, I let it sit around forever until I got around to painting it one day, then let it sit around even longer until I took pictures.

After I took these pictures I stripped most of the paint off because I decided I didn't like silver Necrons. So now he's back in the "Will Be Painted Eventually" pile.

Then I did this random Reaper model (Casiatta the Anti-Paladin) for funsies to have something to practice snowy terrain on. I'm helping to paint a 1500 point Space Wolves army and I wanted them to be all frosty and weathered. Good thing I tested it on this mini first, I decided I don't like the snow flock, so I'm switching to baking powder.


  1. The anti paladin looks pretty good, but I'm interested in why you decided to give it a brown wash. This sets he hue of the model a little too warm and dirty to be in snow terrain, no?

  2. @Kremmet: The anti paladin was actually washed with watered down blue ink, to try and give the silver parts of her armor that cold, frosty look. Not as successful as I hoped, but that's why she was for practice.