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Friday, January 8, 2010

Almost Famous?

My friend Paul, who taught me much of what I know about Warhammer and painting miniatures, posted about me on a BOLS article today, 40K ASKEW: Girls, Girls, Girls. He wrote about me under my gaming handle Zephri, which I started using in World of Warcraft where I met him and most of my friends, and contradicted the thesis of the article, being that no girls played 40K, by saying,

"Hard core gaming girls ,while rare, do exist. When i first met zephri, one of my old wow guild mates, in real life she pulled out her necron army, and more video games than i owned from her little pink back pack.( And by video games i mean 50 + hour rpgs that were all beaten. )She then proceded to give one of our players a sound thrashing with her crons. Not only was she a gaming girl but she was also smokin hot."

This is probably the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about me, especially that he considers me a bigger (video) gamer than even him! (The smokin hot part was really nice too)

He made a post in his blog with pictures of a game I played at his house this summer to back up his claim, and linked his blog in his comment, which has apparently generated around 500 extra hits in the hour following! I wish he had remembered to mention I have my own website! So go check out his blog and the documentation of my epic win at Paul's Basement League.


  1. Almost famous? I was wondering where all the extra traffic to my blog was coming from and discovered your linkback!

  2. You got traffic just from a link in a post on a blog linked on BOLS? I wish I could have done more, dedicated gamers like you deserve the hits much more than I do in my newbishness.

  3. Yeah, Paul sends me all the cool links. :)