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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy ♥ Day

Normally I don't celebrate Valentines day, I think it's kind of silly that people had to invent a holiday so that guys would feel obliged to do nice things for their women for one day out of the year. On the other hand, a friend of mine paid me to make a little Battlestar Galactica themed card for her nerdy boyfriend, so yay Valentines (money) day?

I thought it was a cute idea, even though I kinda rushed it (she asked me at about 10 pm the night before) so I took some quick cell phone pictures to have once I give her the card.

I'm still in the middle of watching the first season of the new BSG so NO SPOILERS! Especially no links to Robot Chicken, (you know what I'm talking about) I've been avoiding that episode like the plague since I started watching BSG.

So far it's a pretty awesome show, but I never watched the original cause I'm such a young whippersnapper, so I can't say for sure in comparison. My favorite character is Starbuck. :) Any other Battlestar fans out there?


  1. i watched a crapload of episodes one snow day a few years ago with my best friend, who happened to be my neighbor at the time. but i haven't watched it since. it was a very good show, i should probably borrow some seasons from somebody one of these days.

    and i love the card!!!

  2. I only got into it when they aired the Final Season over here. So I know how it all ends, just not how it begins. I'm looking to get the collection when I've finished my degree in May, so I can just veg out for a week or two and watch the whole lot.

    I saw the original series when I was a kid (no jokes, I'm only 25!), the BBC went through a phase of showing re-runs of really old shows for a few years.

    Great card! Are you watching Caprica?

  3. Hahah great card! Poor lovesick Centurion...

    They don't show enough of the Cylon Centurions, damn them! Those got a lot of screen time in the old show, and thankfully you see more of them (well, the prototype) in Caprica. Still a good show, though.

    Have you seen any Doctor Who? The older episodes of that show are hold a special place in my heart, campy though they may be. I like David Tennant, but the iconic Doctor for me will always be Tom Baker...

  4. @e.molinski: You can probably find most of them on Hulu or Netflix, I know buying the whole set would be really expensive.

    @Soundwave: I was planning to watch Capricia after I finished the season of BSG, I've heard a lot of good things about it though.

    @#2501: Dr. Who has been one of those shows that I really want to get into but have no idea where to start!

  5. I love the card! Something original for once. :D

    I'm a fan of BSG. The show has definitely been an up and down roller coaster ride, but one I couldn't bare to get off of! Can't really get into more than that without ruining it, but I'll say that I was content with the ending. :)

  6. Hah! Awesome V-day card. Hope the rest of your day was fun.

    I'm still debating whether or not to splurge on the giant box set of the whole series. It even comes with its own cylcon toy.

  7. My local public library has all the seasons boxed sets (BSG and Dr. Who). I sat and watched them over a couple of weeks - all for FREE!

  8. Watched it beginning to end a few times. It was for me, the best thing on TV in a long time. My wife called it my "Soap Opera" but I couldn't miss an episode.

    Came over to your blog from the BoLS and article. You are only the 2nd "girl gamer" I've known (of) in my 10 years of tabletop gaming. Kudos to U!

    Been trying to get my 16 yr old Daughter into 40K but the wife has been resistant to the idea. She thinks I will corrupt the child ;).


  9. Luckily for me, my dad is a huge scifi fan himself, so he buys the box sets as they are released (still waiting for season 4).
    I must ssy though, as a man, i can't stand starbuck. she's equal parts crazy, violent and alcoholic.^^ i really pity lee...

  10. I have to disagree with your philosophy on Valentines day. It wasn't just invented for guys to feel obligated, it was invented because love is such a powerful emotion that we decided to have a day dedicated to it. Me personally, Vday is a hard day for me to get through, but I still disagree with people thinking it is a lame excuse for a holiday. Nice card though, you are creative.

  11. @TheMighty: But being a crazy, violent alcoholic is what makes her hilarious. :)

    @shadow_and_sun: Unfortunately, for all its good intentions, V-Day has turned into one of those Hallmark holidays, in my opinion. Most of the time I feel like it's become a trap to get you to spend money on cards, chocolates and flowers, when a simple gesture is enough. To each his own!

  12. You can just watch the modern Dr. Who and not feel particularly lost. It's a bit of a story reboot anyway. That brings you down to - what are we on now? Six seasons or something? - which isn't too much to catch on.

    If you do want to go back and watch the classics, then I would suggest you begin as far back as you can, but feel at liberty to skim the series a bit - watch about one story in two or three - as most of the stories are stand-alone and the overarching narrative is pretty easy to keep up on.

  13. @Zephri True true, but it is us that can fight the media and the halmarkness, but I see where you are getting at. It's like since when was Veterans/Rememberance Day a day people can go to work and such, why are stores even open, same with Christmass day...

  14. Salut là

    Un petit baiser de FRANCE:)

    En un mot que vous cassie Re INCREDIBLE.

    Im an old man lol et j'ai vu dans mon peu de temps une série BSG premier, it s very cool, mais les effets spéciaux sont limités si vous re intéressé par la série i anciens ont donné un DVD:)

    big kiss again:) par

    PS: désolé pour mon langage Chaotik US;)