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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

AMAZING. This movie was one of the best I've seen this year by far, and to top off the incredible plot, voice acting, and scenery, it looks spectacular in 3D. I know this is probably a hard sell for you hardcore action movie fans, but I very highly recommend dishing out the extra buck and seeing it in theaters. The animation is beautiful, the story is an old one, but delivered in such a charming way with such compelling characters you barely notice, plus the ending is very satisfying. Sure, it's predictable, and a lot of it's sell comes from the goofy main character's awkward charisma and his absolutely adorable but mischievous dragon companion, but it's just one of those movies you can't help but walk away from smiling.

I know a lot of great-looking movies came out this week, but if you can, try and spare just one and a half hours and a few bucks for this movie, I think you'll be surprised. I'm traveling up to D.C. to see Clash of the Titans in IMAX this weekend, because for some reason the theater here isn't even playing it in 3D, and then hopefully, Kick Ass some time soon after that. I haven't heard anything particularly shocking about either movie, they both seem to be like everyone expected. Clash of the Titans will still be a great action movie, and I look forward to it, but Kick Ass has been getting some mixed, if not leaning towards negative, reviews, on account of being a tad overdone and on the uninteresting side for a "superhero" movie. We'll see, but I hope I'm as surprised by both as I was by this movie.


  1. Saw CotT, and the only real qualm I had with the movie was that the it seemed pretty short. Actual running time is like 100 minutes, but felt like 80-90 minutes. :(

    It was pretty awesome in 3D though...not quite to Avatar standards, but very entertaining to be sure.

  2. totally want to see that!!!! it looks so freekin' adorable and awesome and wonderful!!!

  3. @ravan12: I'm excited just because it seems like a big, flashy movie, and I haven't gotten the chance to see anything in IMAX since Transformers 2.

    @e.molinski: It has some of the cutest movie moments I've seen in a long time, I saw it with a bunch of friends and even the guys were going "awww" every time the dragon did something. :D

  4. I completely agree with you, HtTYD was great. I have to disagree with it being an excellent 3-D movie. The 3-D feel felt added on, and as my fiance said, the only good 3-D part was when the Toothless shoved his face forward an it just had that popped out feeling, gave the 3-D feel. But as a movie, it was very cute and a great movie.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie. :)

  6. How to Train your Dragon looks a bit too cute, like those films from the 80s that had some sort of giant muppet befriending a kid.

    Interestingly, Sam Worthington has only made 2 2D films in the last three years (The Debt, Last Night.) He must have bought shares in it or something.

    Hopefully, Sin City 2 (if it ever comes out) will be 3D, after a fashion. I could really see it working in "layers" of flat images. Transformers, however, I don't see working as it's just to busy for the eye to properly process.

  7. That's it, I'm seeing this tomorrow. I can't resist Vikings, or Dragons, for that matter. Plus, staring at these parts on my desk won't make them into Tervicrons any faster....