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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pokemans and Pokeladies

If you haven't guessed from the title, this is why I haven't been posting lately, or doing much of anything really. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver came out a week ago on Sunday, right on the last day of Madicon. So I went from being really busy with real things to being even busier with digital things. I got SoulSilver, in case anyone was wondering, mostly because, well, it's way more awesome. Lugia is a certified B.A.M.F.

Also, this PokéWalker is pretty pimpin, it means I can keep my awesome level 28 Mudkip with me at all times. No, I won't make him evolve, then he wont be Mudkip anymore, and in case you haven't heard, I liek Mudkips. I actually found myself choosing to walk to places more often, just to get steps on my PokéWalker, which I'm not sure yet if that's really good or just really sad. I can't tell if the PokéWalker is a sign of Nintendo's never ending crusade to make gamers more active or an attempt at completely taking over the small places in our lives when you couldn't even pull out a DS.

There's really no point in reviewing this game, considering if you're interested in it, chances are you already have it or are going to get it. It's pretty much exactly like the original Gold and Silver, but with prettier graphics, and you can trade with 3rd and 4th gen games,  if it ain't broke, don't fix it, because if you played the original Gold and Silver, like me, you know they were awesome, and playing them again now that I'm not 11, is even more awesome. This game plus added bonus of the PokéWalker is totally worth the 40 bucks, assuming Pokémon is your kind of idea of an exciting week spent with your thumbs glued to a DS and avoiding all that work you have to do...


  1. Don't forgot that you can have a pokemon follow you around like pikachu did in Yellow, which is awesome.

  2. Dont you love mudkips even more noaw you know there R34L?

  3. @robert: Yeah, I love having my giant red Gyardados just strolling along behind me in the middle of a town, it shows I'm srs bsns.

    @Ben: irl mudkip ftw, I want one. I'd keep him in a pokeball shaped bowl.

  4. Lol I work security, 12hr shifts... Imagine how fast those things would level up after a few shifts at my job

  5. Switching on the TV, hungover, and finding pokemon on and the batteries in the remote dead, is one of the most painful thing's I've ever encountered.

    Especially if it's one of those episodes where it's mostly the little... creatures, talking amongst themselves.

  6. Someone has already figured out how to cheat the hardware, too:

  7. @zephri- yes, we deff need to do that

    @#2501- dude, i hate when people do stuff like that. if you dont want t do the work, dont buy the game, i felt the same way about the old school game sharks for the originals