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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Madicon Day 1

First day of Madicon 19 is over and so far it's been awesome. The con opened at 11 PM and went til midnight and I was there the whole time, mostly in the wargaming room, painting some minis. My workshop went pretty well, I taught some people some stuff but mostly I just hung out with some more experienced players just looking for something to do. Here's some pictures from later in the day.

The Science Fiction Fantasy Guild's charity of choice is the Wildlife Center of Virginia, and they come visit Madicon every year to give a little presentation. They bring rescue animals, usually predatory birds, this one is Buzz, the great horned owl.

A lot of people dressed up for the Nerd Auction, where a dance with a nerd was auctioned off per person for our charity, the Wildlife Center. This is Brian (left) in the kilt I got him for Christmas, my roommate-to-be Jeslyn (middle) as sexy female Spock, and Andrew (right) as Zapp Brannigan from Futurama.

John (my aforementioned Rogue Trader GM and one of my D&D players) was MCing the Nerd Auction, which, of course, calls for some classy attire. He happened to have a top hat in his car, and I always have my trusty monocle on hand for such occasions. I went for around $26 in the auction, to a visiting member of the 501st, who was really nice.

After the Nerd Auction, Atomfest played a few songs for us to redeem our purchased dances to, I was glad to hear them play, they're all good friends of mine and they're doing really well as a band.

I have another workshop tomorrow around 7 PM, after the tournament, which I am still going back and forth about entering since my army isn't 100% assembled yet. There's also a costume contest, Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, and a couple one-shot campaigns I'm interested in, so lots more to look forward to.


  1. How much did the top auction go for in the end?

    These things look like a bunch of fun, but I can never seem to find one near where I live! We just lost GenCon in the UK apparently, so there goes my chances of going to a decent one..

  2. Owls are ace.

    I wonder what had caught Buzz's attenion in that picture? Was he about to swoop off and try to eat someone's Skaven?

  3. @Soundwave: The top auction was $51 and was my friend Tara. She got bid up from $4 really fast and then her boyfriend just threw a huge bid down and took her. The next highest was Jeslyn at $40.

    @Xaeromancer: He did actually try and fly away at one point when the guy tried to put him back in his cage, but that's what the tether is for, thank goodness.

  4. A dance with a nerd? What about auctioning off something more interesting next time, like a game of space hulk with a nerd or something!

  5. $30!

    Oh right, the auction's over...