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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Repo Men

So I know I'm a bit overdue on a couple posts, which I'll explain why later, but I went to see Repo Men yesterday and I still can't decide if I liked it as a whole or not. It's one of those movies that was totally boss until the last 30 seconds, then it threw all this stuff in my face that I didn't want to see and ruined the entire movie. Never have I ever gone from being so ecstatically happy with the ending of a movie, to near breaking down crying in the theater, which, for the record, I haven't done since V for Vendetta (totally acceptable). I can see where some people would think the ending was awesome, and a huge dramatic twist, but if I wanted to have one of those OMGWTF moments I would have gone and seen The Happening again and proceeded to smash my face into my television repeatedly for making myself watch The Happening again. Anyway, it's one of those things you have to see for yourself, but I'm sorely tempted to suggest to everyone that you walk out 5 minutes before the credits.

Horrible ending aside, the movie was spectacular. Never did I think I would get so excited to see Jude Law beat in someone's skull with a ball-peen hammer. So after this movie and having seen his amazing role in Sherlock Holmes (which could have been a really boring, unimpressive movie if not for the phenomenal acting on the parts of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, but that's another story) I think I'm going to have to admit that Jude Law is my favorite actor of all time, or at the very least in my top 2, my best friend is a bit of a Downey Jr. fiend and it rubs off on you after a while. Forest Whitaker is also in this movie, which is an added bonus, because for some reason I actually really liked The Last King of Scotland, and normally I can't stand dramas unless they have a ton of huge explosions or blood and guts. So because I really loved everything about this movie except that stupid thing at the end, I have to highly recommend it with all my extensive knowledge of movies that comes from having lived and worked in a video store for the good part of my adult life: this movie is really freaking sweet.

The next movies I'm really excited for are Clash of the Titans on April 2nd (yeah, the poster is wrong) and How to Train Your Dragon on March 26th, both in 3D. Clash of the Titans, is self explanatory, that trailer with The Used practically made me wet myself, but How to Train Your Dragon might come as a bit of a surprise. Truth be told, I pretty much have the mentality of an 8 year old boy, I like playing with Hot Wheels and Legos almost as much as I like smashing them with something really heavy, and I think dinosaurs are like the coolest thing ever since Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. So I still get really excited over things that are just flat out awesome, like dragons, vikings, and cartoons. And this movie is all of those things AND Gerard Butler. End of story.

I'm not super stoked about the 3D thing like most people seem to be, I mean yeah, Avatar looked amazing, but that was because Avatar actually was amazing, the 3D glasses just made it feel more like an acid trip than a movie. I have yet to see the new Alice in Wonderland, mostly because I think Tim Burton has become somewhat of a pushover and is just reusing both his material and Johnny Depp just to get more merch sales at Hot Topic. You can put on a pair of 3D glasses and look at a pile of the same old of crap, but in the end, you're still looking at a pile of crap with a pair of really dorky glasses on.

Other movies to look forward to are Kick-Ass on April 16th (even though I hate Nicholas Cage), Iron Man 2 on May 7th, Robin Hood on May 14th, George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead on May 28th, The A-Team on June 11th, The Last Airbender on July 2nd, Predators on July 7th, and Tron: Legacy on December 17th.


  1. I wasn't really expecting repomen to be good. Although, now I may just have to see it so that I can see the terrible ending.
    Also, I was unaware of this new Predators movie. And I just watched the trailer, and I'm now super excited. Thanks for that.

  2. @Michael: It was super gorey and had a lot of action, which are two things that make a great movie for me, but it still definitely has it's faults. I'd say it's really worth watching either way, though. As for Predators, I just found out about that yesterday, it looks sweet, and I'm excited too because I was under the impression the AVP thing was them admitting their series was dead.

  3. I have to agree; if Repo Men had ended just before the brain-fart twist, it would've been a fine movie. That touch just made it terribly derivative of Brazil, and, quite frankly, ruined it for me.

    Reportedly, there is no mecha-Bubo in Clash of the Titans as such, although they did mention making "a nod" to it in the production notes, whatever that means. Maybe one will be sitting on a plinth somewhere in the background....

  4. 3D just causes headaches during and weird eye confusion afterwards....

  5. "It's one of those movies that was totally boss until the last 30 seconds..."

    I've never heard of anyone outside of Liverpool use the phrase "boss" to describe something good!

    Although, it does sound pretty boss. As does Clash of the Titans, is that going to be 3D, too?

    I agree with your point about Alice In Wonderland, but in relation to Avatar. Surely it would have been cheaper and more artistically worthy to have just done the definitive Dune adaptation? Instead, he just butchered the plot and stuck it on a day-glo jungle planet instead.

  6. aweeeee , i find your mentioning of the things your like.......its very cute of you XD

    and yes Clash of the titans did make me go OMFG i must see it

  7. When did good movies start coming out again? I'm so behind in things...

  8. @Xaeromancer: Clash is supposed to be in 3D, but my theater is ghetto and only has one 3D projector, so they're playing How to Train Your Dragon in it instead of Clash of the Titans, therefore I'm making a road trip to see it in IMAX. I like Avatar, for what it was, really freaking gorgeous. It was basically a big "hey look what we can do with computers now" show and tell, so they really didn't need much of a plot to begin with.