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Monday, March 8, 2010

WIP Commissar

I mentioned before that the director of Madicon 19 hired me to paint the prize miniatures for the Warhammer 40K tournament. Here's the almost finished 2nd place prize Commissar in all his badassitude. He still needs base terrain, which I haven't really decided on yet, probably some sort of desert or rocky stuff.


  1. Nice work, I love the moustache.

    I think the base would look best as a combination of rocks & desert.
    You could probably look at weathering the boots slightly if you go with this sort of base however.

  2. I love commissars.

  3. Nice job. Doesn't it make you want to upgrade to an IG army now? ;)

  4. Thats an interesting base, is it tempory or to allow more scenery options on basing?
    Think a decent brown or urban base would suit the colour scheme.