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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I was walking to Five Guys for lunch the other day and I parked the Zephrimobile next to this car with a baseball cap sitting in the back windshield. I took one look at it and was like "Man, this guy must really like Ultramarines" then immediately facepalmed. It was the Indianapolis Colts.

I don't pretend to know much of anything about any kind of sport, but I can hold enough of a conversation about football to know who the Colts are, especially considering this past Superbowl. Seriously though, the thing I feel most stupid about is not realizing the similarity sooner.

Now I feel silly, but I know what will make this better.


  1. hahahhahah XD I love the Chain beer XD its cute XD

    hey i heard last time you were going to get some Space wolves for yourself ? hows that going ? I play them and would want to know what you think about them , like you hate / love / intereted in them etc or do you think them as mindless babaric drunken werewolves ? , maybe an article ? XD


  2. And oh i hate Smurf marines XD muahha totally not manly enough for my taste XD

    And all the new and hex rumors about blood angles make me VERY happy , cause now all the band wagoners will jump on to this new army and leave us wolves getting played by real Man and not spoiled little kids XD

  3. You're not the first one who saw a Colts logo and mistook it for the Ultramarines, so don't feel too bad ;) Of course, there are enough dog/wolf logos out there that look like the Space Wolves, too....

  4. @whitewolfmxc: I don't have them yet, the army list keeps changing and I really only have enough money to buy an army once. :(

  5. An easy mistake to make since the Ultramarines are pretty awesome. I dont know about the Colts though (I am from the UK) but if they share the U symbol then they must be pretty awesome too :)

  6. Not knowing the difference, I suppose its not too big a deal. I know for a fact that you're not the only one who has said girlfriend has too!

  7. That's not football. Football is played with a round ball, involves physical contact and no padding, what your talking about is something like rugby but with padding lazy forward passing and a break every time someone drops the ball....

  8. @psychosplodge i like the way you think...

  9. Nobody asked you who you thought was going to win the super bowl?

    The Sisters of Battle or the Ultramarines?