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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes, I'm Real

Well I'm a little late to the party, but I'd still like to give a warm hello to all my visitors coming here from Bell of Lost Souls and Chainfist who read about me in the two-part article, Anatomy of a Gamer Girl Part One and Two. I was totally blindsided by all the feedback, and even more surprised at how astoundingly positive it was. I'm ecstatic to be welcomed so openly into the online gaming community, if not completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments and e-mails I've been getting. So apologizes if I'm a little slow to reply, but I am earnestly happy to hear from all of you and am trying to read and respond to everything without too much delay. Luckily, it's been another snow day, so I can put aside my graphic design project of zombifying Billy Mays for a poster and spend the rest of the day reading blogs. :)

I'm trying to find things to post about, so I don't seem too much like a bore, but the only thing I've been doing for the past 3 days (other than reading) is repainting 1500 points of Necrons bronze. And also glaring at an unprimered Monolith, because it's cold outside but I need it to keep playing since I took the Nightbringer out of my army. (He's not worth it, variety of reasons) I'll try to post something more interesting later, I'm so obviously horrible at multitasking.

On the bright side, my Rogue Trader group meets tomorrow night, so hopefully I'll have some awesome tales of adventure and massacre to tell after.


  1. Read your BOLS article, you have spoiled me for all non-gaming women...

  2. Well look who's geek famous. ;) It was a little weird seeing pictures from my Halloween party in a BoLS article...

  3. So how many online marriage proposals have you gotten? ;)

  4. Haha, I really didn't expect this to get around to anyone I actually knew in person, Mike. I should have asked you if you had better copies of any of the photos. :)

    @Superhobbes: Surprisingly, (insert sarcasm here) none. I really didn't expect any, either. People are asking to meet me though, maybe I can use it as encouragement to attend my local gaming convention.

  5. e-marriage proposals?
    No surprise considering you are a paperRPG-video-wargames gamergirl, with an excellent sense of humor (blogspot virginity? LOL!) who paints very good and are friggin cute, BTW.

    Greetings from very far xD

    PS. It's good to see your actually real!

  6. It is funny how big a deal gamer girls generate. We have one at my local gaming club, but they are few and far between. And most of the ones I have met are pretty girly. The one from my club plays wood elves and bretonnions because they are 'cute' and have lots of horses.

  7. As some of the guys have said, nice to see a gamer girl who is real. Awesome pick for an army too. I would love to hear your reasons for taking the night bringer out of your list too. Well hope to talk to you soon. And don't let the amount of comments and emails get you down :)

    ~Jake Attenborough

  8. *waves*

    Yip, another BOLS redirect am I. Enjoying your blog and liking your dedication to the Necrons. Poor guys get no love...

  9. The fact that your a girl does'nt suprise me, what does is the fact you play Necrons.. thats brilliant, from one metal zombie lord to another i salute you. May the red harvest consume all!

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  11. I think I should be thanking you, since their article about you my blog indirectly received more visitors! Whether it was that which drew more viewers to the BoLS site on that day, which caused more people to click on mine, or my rant about the new Guard releases, but I received 124 views, compared to the usual 40.

    So yeah, thanks! :)

    It's by the way (but feel free to delete this post if you want to curtail advertising).

    Great to see a Necron blog, don't get enough of them.

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  13. Well i can say for sure that you've got international renown for your geekness Zephri ^^

    Waiting that someone like you will sprout in old and far Italy (with not so much hope left), you get all my credits for playing (succesfully it seems) an army so difficult to matster: the fluffy Necrons!

    May the C'tans be with you!
    And don't forget to harvest some good stuff in the process...

    PS: d++n Blogger -.-''

  14. yeah no, add one more to the list of tabletop dudes thats in luff with you. sad.

  15. Howdy!

    Wanted to apologize if all the clamouring locals have made you feel a bit like you've got three heads.

    Also wanted to apologize for the interviewer's somewhat pervy angle on things. He seemed to focus more on your gender than your gaming :P

  16. Hello,

    you wrote you wouldn't know about what you should blog. Then just explain why the Nightbringer isn't worth its points. I always thought the C'Tan were some of the better Necron choices.

    Have a nice day!

  17. Thanks for all the warm comments, it's been crazy, but it's awesome getting to meet so many new people in the community.

    @Drew: I totally expected to be treated more like a circus sideshow than a celebrity, considering I haven't really done anything special except exist. I was a little surprised he focused so heavily on the dating angle, we talked about video games for like 3 hours before all that.

    @Jake Attenborough/André: Then I shall do that. I'm so used to no one really taking the Nightbringer seriously in small armies, I came to think it was self explanatory. Although I admit, on paper, the C'tan sound totally awesome.

  18. Well,
    I'm too old for you and already married to another gaming geek lady whom I love very much. Stay with it and be happy. As for painting and such, you ought to see the historicals side of the house...the wife's ready to kill me over the amount of lead around here....

  19. @Zephri: If you have nothing to post, why not write a series of small articles like a Necron Tactica or something from your experiences with them? Like in-depth ways of using specific Necron units effectively or synergy with other units.

    I would enjoy reading something like that since I have about 1000pts of Necrons on the shelf, and was wondering if I should get anything else for them. Without investing money and realising my models suck (i.e Pariahs). :)

  20. Do you find that the necrons are easily painted? I just wanted to ask you that before you got on 40k radio.

  21. Are there any other SFFG-ly 40K blogs floating around?

  22. I can understand in the fewer point scale not taking one, and there are certain armies I would advise against taking him against. He is great on paper though. Hmm...I haven't made a 1500 point list in a while though, might give it a go. Like I said in my blog if anyone ever wants a game and is in, or going to be in, the Amarillo, TX area, message me :) that includes you :P

  23. Zombie Billy Mays?! Too soon, too soon

  24. Another international reader here; make sure to say hi to the League of Gentlemen if you ever happen to travel in Europe and stay in Zurich, Switzerland. =)

    Honestly, so far I didn't believe that a gamer chick like you actually exists. =) My own daughter is 6 months old now and I already have a couple Ork Boyz in reserve in case she wants to start painting some day, too. ;-)

  25. parcival, we exist!!! we are, in fact, not a myth! and i'm so happy that cassie has such a following, she brings attention to our small numbers!

  26. Hi there from northern Vt.
    Another BoLS redirect,

    1st (and not just to Zephri): it's a pleasure to know you exist, keep at it.

    2nd: I too would be interested to hear your opinions and experiences with Necrons, provided you get the time and desire to post them. Otherwise, fanciful stories to regale the masses are also cool.

    Take care,

  27. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to you Zephri. Instant celebrity status can be daunting I'm sure. But stick with it and keep on doing what you're doing! Who knows, something good may come of it? :D

    As for the whole 'My life is boring...don't know what I'm going to write about' thing. Seems to me, you've got a well of topics to choose from. Anything from your gaming experiences, Warhammer 40k (painting/games/tactics/etc), life in general, Cons, or any other thing that just happens to come around. I wouldn't go out of your way to impress us, the readers, as more than likely the similiest thing to you will be sufficiently interesting to us. Just write about whatever fits your fancy, and I'll be willing to bet most of us will be sufficently happy with that.

    Anyway, best of luck to you in your new limelight. It'll be fun to see the things that you come up with in the future. :)

  28. @Big Whit: I think they're one of the easiest things in the game to paint. Drybrush it all silver and call it a day. Or course, that also makes them the hardest thing to come up with unique painting schemes for.

    @Rushputin: (Hi, Rush!) I'm not sure, Matt A. was on here earlier, but I haven't found anyone else really.

    @Nuwisha: Who else better to promote my made-up Zombie Pest Control company?

    @Parcival: I would LOVE to visit Europe. Maybe some day! You'd like my friend Paul, he's teaching his 2 year old about the Emperor.

    @e.molinski: So glad to see a fellow female gamer! Rock on!

    @hamm7jr: It's next on my list, promise! I'm trying to get enough photos and info and whatnot together to write a little more about my tactics.

    @ravan12: Thanks for the ideas, I'll try and keep you guys entertained, even if it is just talking about trashy zombie romance novels. :)

  29. Congrats on the 10 minutes of fame :-p

    Personally I think it's a little odd that you're this big of a deal. I didn't know we were -that- rare.

  30. I dont think the article was a big deal,I'm sure for every Cassie there are atleast a thousand more females who play the me,the interesting part was just how down to earth,normal and enthusiastic she is about games in general. Attractive yes,"unicorn" no way...just a normal girl with a head on her shoulders who happens to like the same things us boys like...the real unicorn would be normal guys who play the game,lol.

  31. @funkycat/Sean of the Dead: I didn't think it was that big of a deal either, I expected minimal or mostly negative response from the article (honestly I thought it was a silly idea to begin with), but I'm glad it's at least helped bring a few more gamer girls out of the woodwork. :)

  32. The GW store I frequently spend my paycheck at always has atleast 2 to 3 girls in it,either painting or playing. A few of them are pretty cute,if you really think about it these types of games would obviously attract females to them. Warhammer/40k are multifaceted in that there's more than just guns and tanks and war...there's collecting,comraderie,modeling,and the big draw imo-painting. Roleplaying games and video games have a different,less tangible draw with women I would assume. But I never knew a girl that didnt like to roleplay in one form or another.

  33. @Sean of the Dead: Yeah I'm not sure what it is with girls and roleplaying (especially LARPing). I just like destroying things. :)