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Monday, February 20, 2012

You're a Wizard, Zephri!

Because I didn't have enough nerdy hobbies before, I managed to find something even more time-consuming and obscure, a nerdy sport. "What is this sports thing you speak of?" you might ask. Indeed, I was myself very confused and opposed to the concept of playing outdoors, it is a brutal and unforgiving wilderness out there, full of bears, sabre cats and NO ETHERNET PORTS. Well, allow me to enlighten you. It's when a lot of semi-athletic people get together and run around with brooms between their legs, hitting each other with balls and chasing a person dressed in yellow with a sock shoved down their pants. Of course, I'm talking about Quidditch. Yes, it's a real thing. And this is how much of a dork I look like playing it:

The color coordination-challenged one in the rainbow socks.

So if you're in the Virginia area this weekend, come see the James Madison Marauders compete in Virginia Tech's Sirius Blacksburg Brawl this Sunday the 26th, along with many other exemplary wizarding colleges from all over Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. I even bought a special new broom just for the occasion, since I finally had to retire poor old Pretty Princess on account of now being structurally composed of approximately 90% duct tape.

Seen here, in her glory days at the University of Maryland Turtle Cup.

Also I can't make any promises, but our last match against Virginia Tech ended in some pretty sexy mud wrestling. And by wrestling, I mean a lot of topless nerdy men sliding around in a puddle like they were 4 years old and it was a Slip-N-Slide at a pool party that somehow turned into a competition to see who could shove the most mud down the others' pants.

Oh yes.


  1. So are you penalized if you drop the broom, or do you just "fall out of the sky"?

    1. Dropping the broom is the same as being hit by a bludger (which would in theory knock you off a flying broom), you have to run back and tag your team's goalpost.