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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Sirius Business

   The Madison Marauders took 5th place out of 9 schools competing in the Blacksburg Brawl last weekend, only 20 points more and we would have made it to the semi-finals, though. We all went home bruised, exhausted and filthy, but proud of our growth as a team and of our snazzy new uniforms, designed by my fellow graphic designer friend and the Marauders' star keeper, Matt Pepper.

I may have also inspired a craziest socks competition. Photos by Khang Nguyen.

   At the end of the day, the University of Maryland Flying Wizard Turtles took home the trophy, going all 6 games undefeated, I know they definitely kicked our asses first thing in the morning. It might have been a matter of personal pride that they came to win the tournament at Virginia Tech, after the Virginia Tech Phoenixes took the final game in overtime from the UMD Turtle Cup last spring, but all the teams played fantastically and with the perfect weather, it shaped up to be one the greatest day I've had since I joined the team.

Even though I look super grumpy in all the photos.  Photo by Khang Nguyen.

   The highlight of the day was the performances by the several snitches that came from all over Virginia to cause shenanigans at the Brawl. My personal favorite has always been Rob Snitch, from VCU. Here he is, throwing a milkshake into the face of the UMD seeker. At least he said he was sorry? He also wears a headband mounted camera when he snitches, so you can check out his youtube channel for more Quidditch mischief.

Rob Snitch, employing advanced snitch stealth techniques. Photo by Chris Gumm.

   Other than the second field becoming a giant mud pit by the end of the day, which a good snitch knows how to use to his advantage, the tournament went over with very few hitches and almost no major injuries. Except one of our glass cannon chasers, who had apparently broken his elbow at our game against William and Mary last month and not noticed until yesterday. All in all, it was a truly epic day, with many a story involving spaceships and pantsing yet to be told. Also I got a really cool shirt.

Check that shit out!

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