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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 Months Mac-Free

With the help of a few computer scientist friends of mine I now have the most ridiculous new desktop PC that less than $2,000 and a minimal understanding of the insides of computers can get and I've been dying to play ANYTHING for the past 2 years since my MacBook Pro became a very expensive paperweight. And man, I could not have picked a better pair of games than Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dragon Age II to break in this beast. From someone who's been squinting at a 15" laptop screen  for the past 7 years, I am totally blown away by seeing Tamriel reborn on my new monitor. I have no idea how Erik found out about this obscure company and I had to go through a lot of trouble getting it shipped from the UK through a 3rd party, but the first thing I did was watch the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer in HD and it brought tears to my eyes. Worth every penny. Or should I say pence?

I should have ditched the laptop years ago, this whole gigantic stationary computer thing is incredible. For one, I haven't accidentally fallen asleep in bed with with a dangerously overheated piece of machinery on my chest in almost a month. Added bonus, no more burn blisters on the heels of my palms from that ridiculous aluminum casing! Seriously, whoever's idea it was to put a hot processor in a heat-conducting metal box with no top or side vents should just toss out his engineering degree and go find a job designing medieval torture devices.

Dramatic reenactment of laptop gaming after more than 6 hours.


  1. The new MBP's run much cooler (I have an older hotbox one like yours, too) but yeah, for gaming you're waaaaay better off with something supercooled like your new desktop.

    Which reminds me, it's high time I upgraded, too...

  2. i <3 my macbook pro, but i also don't game on it. just stay up way too late on teh interwebz...

    1. It's always handled the internet ok, I mean the thing somehow survived for 5 years and can still open youtube without crashing about 60% of the time.

    2. 60% of the time? I'd say you were one of the lucky ones then! lol!

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    but yeah, for gaming you're waaaaay better off with something supercooled like your new desktop.