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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dungeons and Shenanigans

The most epic thing to ever happen in the history of Dungeons and Dragons.

I've gotten back into the swing of tabletop roleplaying this year since I have a bit more flexibility with my schedule than I've had in the past 4 or 5 months, a brief calm before the graduation storm that has allowed me to not only pick up running my Dungeons and Dragons campaign again (this time in the vastly superior Pathfinder rules) but also play in a new game utilizing the World of Darkness system that I daresay was tailor-made just for me. That's right, zombie apocalypse. My fellow SFFG member Tim offered to GM a game based on a book I'm sure you're all familiar with, the Zombie Survival Guide. Hell fracking yes.

We're playing as a group of survivors in World War Z and while the temptation to create a zombie-killing machine of a character and go batshit insane with a shovel (my personal zombie-killing weapon of choice) was indeed great, I decided to have an entirely different kind of fun with this game, at the expense of my fellow players. This is Frisky Whisky.

No innuendos or suggestive behavior here. Nope.

I wanted something challenging to roleplay and boy did I make sure I had my work cut out for me. In honor of the amazing movie Planet Terror, I made a go-go dancing, germophobic valley girl with an intelligence so crippling low that I frequently have to stop myself from presenting ideas because my character wouldn't actually be smart enough to comprehend them herself. For the majority of sessions, she just lazes around and makes off-handed semi-retarded comments or uses her looks (read: boobies) to make NPCs do all the work for her.

Frisky, being helpful in digging a defensive trench by boosting morale.

It's a lot of fun to play a character that's different from me as a player, I have to stop and consider not only what the best option is, but what my character would consider to be the best option, which generally is the exact opposite. It's also frustrating, because I actually built a very solidly statted character, but she's too much of a diva to be even remotely useful and very quickly became the butt of everyone else's jokes.

(An exchange between Twiggy's character Evan, a kindergarden teacher, and Frisky Whisky, over who was coming on a rescue mission.)

Evan: We're bringing the stripper.
Frisky: Excuse me, I'm an exotic dancer.
Evan: Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Frisky: (after a pause) Uh. I sleep during the day?

I'd say that having Frisky in the game makes things extra interesting, but personally DMing a game with not one, but THREE players hell-bent on constant shenanigans has made me realize how much of a nuisance characters like her can be. Though at least I can get away with pretty much anything, they need me to repopulate the earth, with sexy retarded babies.


  1. Lol! She sounds like a hoot. Sometimes groups like these need comic relief. Glad to see she's not causing a problem, but rather, adding the to group. :D

  2. 1) Pathfinder ftw
    2) I love the World War Z campaign concept, and it's impressive that you can keep the game coherent with a great deal of shenanigans going on besides. So a tip of the hat to your GM.
    The post apocalyptic world really does need the comic relief to not get depressing out of game.

  3. When I first started reading, I thought this would be about WWZ in a fantasy world. Funny how fantasy civilizations seem to handle zombie plagues better than modern ones. Must be all the Necromancers....

    1. Well don't tell my Pathfinder players, but the unusual quantity of undead creatures they keep running into might just not be coincidence... >.>

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