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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Obligation Day!

N7 armor is red
Asari are blue
These romance options suck
So I guess Garrus will do

Hurray, another Single Awareness Day! Guess what I'm doing to celebrate this Hallmark holiday (other than spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to write nerdy poetry)? That's right, I have a hot date with that hunk of a space hero Commander Shepard.

Here's the perfect way to break the news to your special siha that that romantic dinner is postponed so you can go save the universe from Reapers, more Mass Effect Valentines!


  1. How about...

    If you became infected, I'd let you eat my brain so we could be zombies together.

    Happy Z Day!

  2. Necrons do it with bolts of green lightning.

    I'm just sayin'.