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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mortal Kombat

So I just realized I start off pretty much everyone of my blog posts with "So..." Well, anyway...

I just caught this earlier today on a blog I read, it's supposedly just a proof of concept trailer and hasn't been picked up by a studio yet, but it's already caused a lot of commotion on the interwebs. Personally, I think it looks interesting, if not a bit over the top. It does seem they're trying to make way too much character development in a movie that should really be just about people getting their asses kicked by Scorpion. But honestly, if it made it to theaters I'd go see it, and I'd probably like it.

What are your thoughts, should this trailer go anywhere or is it better that they just let it die now?


  1. I would like it to, the trailer looks good. At least the story it's not crap, neither brilliant, but the entire movie should be more than OK. (at least better than DBZ xD)

  2. I think it shows some promise.
    I would definitely be more interested in watching this one, than any of the others they made.

  3. Scorpion and sub zero FTW lol

    Which character you like the most cassie ?

    to the topic , its way better than the first 2 movies for sure , hope it gets picked up lol

    And i hope raden and Kang are in it XD

  4. As a proof of concept it has potential.

    Though it's going to be hard to exceed how much fun (however campy) the first MK was. "Those were $500.00 sunglasses!"

  5. Who wouldn't like to see Scorpionn kill his way through the MK rouge's gallery? I know I would. (I wish they'd kept Baraka a demonic monster, though. A surgery addict? Really?) The movie just wouldn't be the same without that vague Chinese mysticism thing. You know, like in Big Trouble in Little China or my current fave, "The Seventh Curse":

    Now that's a movie that had everything: Kung-Fu, bird demons, baby ghost monsters....

  6. Woah, is this Christopher Nolan's Mortal Kombat?

    This looks even better than the vaguely softcore TV series they did with Kristiana Loken in lycra.

  7. @Nesbet: I never saw the DBZ movie, mostly because it looked ridiculous. Then I started hearing really bad things about it so I guess I was right to assume.

    @whitewolfmxc: I always have this thing where when I play a game, I prefer to play as my own gender, which leaves slim options. Besides, the way my friends settle arguments is by Mortal Kombat and it basically comes down to who wins by saying "dibs on Sub-Zero" first.

    @#2501: Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies so I agree, they did mess up Baraka. Besides, that whole fight scene I was like wtf why isn't he using those blades in his arms they just told us about?

  8. Zephri, neither did I. I looked DB as a child, but the movie trailer, characters and costumes were just ridiculous.