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Monday, June 14, 2010

My Sketchbook

For my birthday I got this really pimpin' Canon scanner/printer, and I gotta say, it's really nice to finally have a way to save my sketchbooks digitally, my bookshelf is really getting full. Now I just need to find a new pen for my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, unfortunately they don't make 3's anymore, and with the price of the pens on Amazon and eBay, I might as well get a new tablet. Being in graphic design is expensive. :(

But here's some little doodles from my sketchbook I wanted to share, I picked out all the ones with nerdy references since this blog is for nerdy things, so they're mostly cartoons.

A little excerpt from our adventures in my online 3.5 D&D campaign I do with 2 of my friends. I play a Halfling scout/ranger that rides a dog, Rob is a Draconic dragon shaman and Brian is a Elf wizard.

Just some doodles of my characters through the years. Rasputin is from Shadowrun, Macintosh is a tech priest from Rogue Trader, Willa Lillywick is a Halfling scout/ranger from 3.5 D&D, Arka is a Half-Orc Barbarian from 4.0 D&D and Arkaidy and Zephri are my Belf shadow priest and Draenei holy paladin from WoW. Then there's me, I like salmon, and I also put phox-chan in there because I came up with her when I was 11 and she still counts.
Blogger is spy!
Koska Von Thaler, alias Rasputin, from Shadowrun. She's like if you crossed the Heavy from TF2 with a black market organs smuggler that has the disposition of that creepy guy in a trench coat trying to sell you fake watches. Miniguns are win.


  1. Jeph Jacques, who write Questionable Content, had this to say on the issue of drawing tablets:

    I bought a cheap little thing off Amazon for £15, but I only use it for DnD maps.

    As far as wacky plans for DnD go, the "poly-dwarf" is a good one. I've seen some bad ones over the years, including killing party members to use as bait / measure the depth of pits.

    "So, he screamed for 7 seconds on the way down? Now we only need to know how fast an elf falls..."

    Let's just say no one missed a session after that.

  2. I dunno about poly'd dwarves, but my assassin once killed a hydra by filling a cat with poison and successfully chucking it into the thing's mouth. Maybe I'll try a dwarf next time (or a hobbit, since they're full of pie)

    More sketchbook pages! Yours are fun :)

  3. omg lol the medieval haircut on the guys XD

    and yes mini guns is always a win

  4. @Xaeromancer: Ahh, I love QC! :D I've owned many a tablet before, and a lot of my classes use them so it's not a big deal since I've been used to the disconnect since I was around 12. Don't really have the money for a cintiq, but maybe some day. I'll ask my design professor what he thinks about the bamboos though, I always thought they were more for writing.

    @#2501: That's brilliant, it's plans like that that deserve you extra exp just for making the DM go "Wait, what? Really?" and then succeeding. :)

  5. Extra exp? I wish! The GM was so pissed that he played a card (we were playing Hackmaster, not stock D&D) and the monster's mother (bigger, more HP) showed up. We had to kill that one the old fashioned way :(

    My assassin now carries a bag of cats, though. You never know. ;)

  6. I absolutely love the sketches; not that I'm stalking you, but are you mckowncr on DA? I was hoping to see more of your work and stumbled across that profile. So everyone, what's your fave software out there for using those fancy-shmancy tablets? I've seen a fair bit of people working in Painter these days and I'm not sure if it trumps AI in terms of real bristles or whatever. I'm loving some of the work I've seen from Sketchpad on the iPad, too...

  7. @Jon: Yeah that's my professional DA account, I used to have an old one for doodles and silly stuff, but I had to make one for my real portfolio until I made a separate website. I use photoshop and illustrator for all my digital painting, although I've messed with the Corel programs a couple times. I really prefer old fashioned mediums, it's silly, but I like physically having a product of my work.